For the last 2 years, Inkbox have strived to become one stop shops for all IT periphery.

We as a company recognise that the public sector require a supplier with more substance and ability. It is from this neccessity that Inkbox for Education was born.

All staff at Inkbox For Education have extensive knowledge in the IT industry wherever it be configuring a server to planning and project management of a wireless infrastructure installation.

Inkbox For Education has partnered with all major vendors including Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, ASUS and Smart to name but a few. They all work with us to be able to give you, our customer, an amazing selection of IT choices. These partnerships also entitle us to obtain large discounts designed for the public sector so whether you're looking for an Inkjet Cartridge or 100 Toner Cartridges give one of our staff a call today.